Catalog — Farewell to Multichain Acrobatics

TL;DR: Catalog is a decentralized gateway for you to discover and trade any crypto asset across the multichain. Bring the entire DeFi metaverse at your fingertips with Catalog. Excited? Join the waitlist for early access and spread the good word with your friends while you’re at it!

Introducing Catalog, the gateway to universal access to assets all across the DeFi metaverse. Built on Ren, the most secure cross-chain protocol, Catalog uses the first ever boundless liquidity mechanism that allows users to simply trade assets across the DeFi metaverse, as if the bounds between chains don’t exist. This is the inaugural project developed under Ren Labs and the first consumer application built on top of Ren chain.

Catalog users don’t have to worry about multiple wallets, bridges, or blockchain explorers anymore. Bid farewell to cross-chain acrobatics as Catalog runs the obstacle course for you. So, Catalog is not just an exchange. It’s the entire metaverse all in one app — the very first Metaversal Exchange.

The Crux

Cutting through the chaos of the multichain UX is the next step in the evolution of DeFi.

The multichain ecosystem is here to stay. New blockchains are constantly being created to solve for the drawbacks of older chains and that cycle keeps repeating itself. The existence of multichain is a positive sign for the DeFi space as they provide choice for users, and can support new and exciting protocols that may not be possible on every chain.

Unfortunately, the current blockchain interoperability applications limit users from experiencing the full benefit from the multichain. Blockchain bridges are quite difficult to use without significant technical know-how. For example, if users want to transfer assets from Ethereum to Solana, they need to have multiple wallets, the relevant gas tokens, use the right bridges, keep track on blockchain explorers, and pray to god. Needless to say, that is quite a marathon and unnecessary.

To truly disrupt everyday finance, we need better options for users that don’t require them to directly interact with (or, frankly, to even have to think about) intricate elements of the underlying technology. We have to develop applications that cut through the chaos of the multichain. Let users fly across the multichain like it’s nothing.

It’s a DEX, It’s a CEX, It’s Catalog

So, what is the best way to define Catalog? To put it bluntly, Catalog is a decentralized cross-chain AMM/marketplace that also provides a CEX-like UX, seamlessness, and cost-efficiency. Catalog reimagines the current DEX experience, by bringing it in congruence with the multichain world while solving the current pain points. By connecting assets and existing liquidity securely across blockchains in a single, user-friendly app, Catalog provides trustless and permissionless interoperability between chains which was never possible before, and will accelerate the growth of DeFi.

Catalog packs a lot of great features that both experienced DeFi users and beginners will appreciate —

  • Easily and securely swap fungible and non-fungible assets across any blockchain.
  • Zero gas and low, flat-rate trading fee so no more high, unpredictable and confusing gas fees.
  • Earn passive income on the crypto you hold in your Catalog account with no need to stake or add money to liquidity pools.
  • Send other users assets just by typing in their username (no more long wallet addresses needed).
  • Planned seamless on and off-ramp experiences, including the ability to link a bank account for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Stay tuned to our blog series to learn more about these features and how we make it possible.


We are happy to announce that we have twelve collaborators who share our vision and mission come onboard with us. Catalog has raised $7.5 million at a $75 million valuation in our seed round. As part of Catalog, you are in the safe company of Amber Group, Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, BlockTower Capital, Cumberland, GBV Capital, Chiron Partners, Fisher8 Capital, LedgerPrime, Bixin, ROK Capital, and PetRock Capital. We look forward to working with them and benefitting from their counsel.

Join the Waitlist

We hope you’re as excited to get your hands on Catalog as we are to release it. As we approach the formal launch in the coming weeks, we have opened up the waitlist for early access. Join the waitlist at and spread the good word with your friends while you’re at it. Did we mention that there is a leaderboard and rewards for the taking?

If you’d like to stay updated, follow Catalog on Twitter and join our Discord server.



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